GenZe 200 Series e-Bike

The GenZe 200 series e-bike looks like your standard mountain bike, but it’s rear-hub motor helps you climb hills with no sweat. The raised center bar and standard bike seat keeps you positioned upright for comfort and safety, to help take you places like never before.
Travel farther and have more fun
Knowing we all have a variety of needs, the engineers at GenZe crafted their e-bikes with throttle, assist, and pedal ride modes, so you can use as much, or as little power as you want along your journey. Full throttle allows you to zip along at 20 mph, pedal assist gives you an extra boost, and pedal lets you ride the old-fashioned way. The three settings are controlled using a handlebar-mounted control panel that allows you to toggle through the settings as you ride.
Live electric
The GenZe e-bike was built with your life in mind. E-Bikes are allowed on public transportation, have the ability it to “climb” stairs, and come with a removable battery so you can recharge on the go. Get ready to explore like never before.
Built for life
Weighing only 46 lbs, the GenZe e-bike is one of the lightest e-bikes on the market. Available in both a high and step-through frame accommodates a range of needs and lifestyles. Both designs come in 3 sizes to fit every rider.
Ride safe
The GenZe e-bike allows you choose how you ride, so you can ride at the speed of traffic, for increased safety and visibility.

Genze e-Bike Specifications

Top Speed 20mph with throttle
Range 15-18 miles with throttle, 30-50 miles with pedal assist
Operating modes Analog mode

5 levels of Pedal Assist

Throttle mode

Battery type Removable Samsung 36V, 8.7AH Li-Ion battery pack
Charge Time From 0-100% in 4-4:30 hours
Frame 36V 250W Brushless Rear Hub Motor
Brakes Dual Disc Brakes
Derailleur 7-speed Shimano
Gear Shift Shimano Thumb Shifter
Weight 46 pounds
Wheels 26” x 1.75”
Frame sizes 16”, 18” and 20” for the perfect fit
Frame Aluminum
Warranty 18 month warranty for frame and components, 24 month warranty on battery

What’s an electric bike?

They combine a bike with an electric motor. They can be used like a regular bike or with the motor engaged so the bike propels you. 

What makes these electric bikes different?

There are three speed options which allow you to experience the bike as you need it. The motor is installed on the rear wheel, providing an even weight and a well dispersed push when you engage the throttle. The battery is removeable, allowing you to charge it in or outside of the bike. Finally, for the beautiful design and craftsmanship, they are some of the most affordable on the market. 

How fast can it go?

They go up to 20 MPH. 

How far can it go on a charge?

If only using the throttle, the e-bikes can go approximately 20 miles. If using the assist mode, the range is increased to 20-40 miles. Range is affected by rider weight, terrain, and frequent stop and go. 

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes! There is a 24-month warranty on the battery and an 18-month/1800-mile warranty on the parts and frame if purchased in the US. There is a 12-Month limited warranty for all e-Bikes sold to the Caribbean from the date of sale to the end-user

How much does it weigh?

They are 46 pounds, which is extremely lightweight for an electric bike.